The Art of Paddling is owned by a family
that loves being on the water.

Once upon a time, our family numbered just two and we lived to paddle, explore, and learn. It was wonderful, but we were restless and felt pressure to settle down and develop our careers. We left the beloved Upper Peninsula of Michigan and followed professional paths.

But, a few years later, we started a family and welcomed our son, Hale. We knew, very quickly, that we didn't want to raise him in the suburbs. We wanted to raise him in the North Country, surrounded by wild blueberries, Lake Superior, trout streams, our families, and the deep silence of Winter. 

Our family bought an old one room schoolhouse in the woods a few miles South of Marquette and we were soon joined by our youngest son, Calder. Jeremy, who has been paddling for 22 years, worked as a corporate training and communications Director, traveling often and working long hours and many weekends, locked in his home office. 

That wasn't the life that we wanted for our sons or our family. We want our sons to live their passions, finding joy in their everyday lives. 

What better way to teach them than to live by example?

MOre about Jeremy:

  • Serves as an affiliate member of the ACA Coastal Kayak Committee and serves on the Curriculum Subcommittee. 
  • Supports and participates in the Gitchi Gumee Program for at-risk youth.
  • Writes, speaks, teaches, and shares as often as possible.