What is the ultimate self rescue? The roll! Contrary to common opinion, the roll is not a feat of supernatural skill or magic. Instead, it's simply a coordination of a few boat, paddle, and body movements.

When we meet for rolling instruction, we'll check your boat and paddle fit, then progress through the building blocks of the roll using exercises, practice sessions, and skills that you probably already have. There's no 'typical' rolling progression, except to say that most able-bodied people can absolutely learn it!

It helps if you've practiced a wet exit and are comfortable tipping over and getting out of your boat in controlled settings. I'll be standing next to you in about 4 feet of water, so you'll never be alone or without assistance.

Dates: Upon Request. Typically 2 hours in length.

Location: Inland lakes are preferred, since Lake Superior's cold water will tire you much more quickly. Depending on your location, Teal and Harlow Lakes are both common locations.

Requirements: Personal Floatation Device, Paddle, kayak, Sprayskirt, Paddle Float, Clothing appropriate for immersion.

Cost: $50 per hour; $175 if combined with other types of instruction for a 4 hour, half-day.

To sign up for a course or to schedule private instruction, please contact me at jeremy@theartofpaddling.com or call 906.451.4539.

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