If you just want the absolute basics - perhaps you're still trying to decide if you like paddling before you buy your own boat or pursue more complete instruction - this is the bare-bones, minimum level of information that you should have before you go out on the water. You will learn about safety gear, common hazards, ways to reduce your risk, transporting your boat, and basic paddle strokes on flat, protected water.

If you think that paddling is definitely for you, then I recommend the ACA Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking course. It is long enough for you to learn and practice basic paddle strokes and rescues, and contains more comprehensive safety information.

Dates: Upon Request. Typically 3 hours.

Location: Depending on weather, this course may take place on Harlow Lake, Teal Lake, or other sheltered, clam water.

Requirements: Personal Floatation Device, Paddle, Kayak, Clothing appropriate for immersion.

Cost: $45 per person (group lesson of 3+); $135 (private lesson for 1-2 participants)

Sample ACA Course Outline (may be modified to better meet your personal needs)

To sign up for a course or to schedule private instruction, please contact me at jeremy@theartofpaddling.com or call 906.451.4539.

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