So you bought a kayak. Now what?

Before you paddle off for your first great adventure, consider getting instruction on the basics of boat handling, transporting, safety, and rescues. Even if you just plan to paddle in your backyard lake or the meandering neighborhood river, it is wise to have basic training before you launch your kayak. This course is a relaxed, informative, fun way to ensure that your paddling experience is positive and safe for many years to come.

And, yes, this course is perfectly appropriate for any type of kayak: sea kayak, recreational kayak, whitewater kayak, sit-on-top kayak . . . if it's kayak-ish, this course applies!

Dates: Upon Request. Typically 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Location: Depending on weather, this course may take place on Harlow Lake, Teal Lake, or other sheltered, clam water.

Requirements: Personal Floatation Device, Paddle, Kayak, Clothing appropriate for immersion.

Cost: $90 (group lesson of 3+); $270 (private lesson for 1-2 participants)

Sample ACA Course Outline (may be modified to better meet your personal needs)

To sign up for a course or to schedule private instruction, please contact me at or call 906.451.4539.

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